Rentals and Staffing Rates
Rental Equipment

The following expenses are in addition to your menu price, and will vary depending upon your venue and number of guests. Rates are approximate.

Some venues include on an empty space, such as tenting. Some venues include only tables and chairs. Some venues include tables and chairs plus all china, cutlery and glassware etc. Some venues are equipped with commercial cooking equipment. It is important to know what equipment is included with the venue fee as that will help to determine your additional rental costs.

Most venues do not include any miscellaneous cooking and serving equipment such as extra ovens and other cooking, equipment, bus pans, garbage cans, coffeemaker, chafing dishes, serving utensils etc. The equipment needed will vary from venue to venue depending upon the number of guests, and the menu selected. This is the equipment that we will need to properly execute your event.

Average: $9.00-$16.00 per person. Note: in venues that are fully equipped with commercial kitchens, tables, chairs and china, you may adjust to $4.00-$9.00 per person.

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